What does Logan Kurtz enjoy?

Adventures, Experiences,
& More

Have you ever wondered how Logan Kurtz spends his freetime and what skills he possesses? Below are a list of a few of his interests and skills.

A good book


There is nothing like sitting on a balcony overlooking a forest of green or a teal lake while cracking open a book and spending hours reading it with a cup of tea by his side. Logan loves to read mostly non-fiction to learn more about the world. On occasion, he'll crack open a fiction novel to dive into the realm of imagination.

Climbing high

Rock Climbing

Climbing to the top of a 100+ foot wall using only your strength and mind is a challenge in its own. Logan Kurtz loves to go rock climbing. As he looks over the cliff gazing at his achievements, Logan is filled with pride and a sense of joy from a climb well done.

The world is his oyster


Travel? Logan loves it, but not like the normal tourist. Many people like to visit countries and get pictures taken with landmarks. Logan enjoys experiencing the culture, meeting the locals, eating the food, and getting his rockstar on at night.

Good vibes


Logan loves music and he feels that it's the tangible form of the human soul. It can bring out emotion in both the positive and negative.

To create from nothing


Logan has a passion for sculpting models from clay using additive sculpting. He uses oil based clay that prevents the clay from drying.